A Beautiful Mind

I hope that this blog site will provide an opportunity for healthy discourse regarding the problems that affect our society and how to best address them.

Staying Abreast of Relevant News and Views

I believe that being informed and in tune with the world around you is vital.

I hope to provide visitors to this site an update on trending news related to social justice and public health.  I also plan to allow this site to serve as a vehicle to share opinions concerning such reports.

What type of news stories interest you?

How Does Iron Sharpen Iron?

Constructive feedback can be frustrating to receive but at the same time rewarding.

How Does Iron Sharpen Iron?

I often reflect on the various family, friends, professional mentors, teachers and employers who provided such feedback throughout the years and how it has greatly benefitted me personally and professionally.  It is true that iron sharpens iron in that many of my mentors have also discussed how their interactions with me also strengthened them.

Who in your life has helped to sharpen you personally and professionally?